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Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Crochet by Deborah Burger

 The book, Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide to Crochet by Deborah Burger is an excellent book for the entire family to use and learn to crochet! It's full of so much wonderful ideas and creative looks, I love the scarves and even the pillow creation you can make! 
The directions and photos really help you understand each step by step piece as well as what you need to have to proceed with the design. 
I love pretty much all the projects mentioned in this book! They are so easy to understand and do with a child or for any beginner! I love the cute stuffed toys you can create and the bright colors of the items as well as the book itself! Deborah did a wonderful job with this book and It's excellent for some creative fun ideas to do with crocheting!

Excellent for the beginner and for the entire family!

Information About The Author:
Deborah Burger is the author of Crochet 101 and How to Make 100 Crochet Appliqués. She learned to crochet from her grandmother at age 12. While she has found enjoyment in many fiber, textile and other art forms, crochet remains her lifelong favorite. She has been teaching crochet for more than 20 years, through Girl Scouting, various community centers, summer camps, at Charlotte’s Fibers (a yarn shop in Western North Carolina), and the John C. Campbell Folk School. She is active in the online community, Ravelry, and has written articles and patterns for Interweave Crochet and the e-zines, Crochet Insider and Crochet Uncut. Deb and her musician/potter husband, Don, are the parents of seven grown children and have several grandchildren, most of whom also crochet. In addition to crochet, Deb enjoys knitting, embroidery, painting, fiber sculpture, gardening, performing folk music, and reading. 

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