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Conbrov Hd88 Mini Pocket Digital Video Camcorder Security Wearable Camera Recorder Dv for Max 5 Hours Recording Per Charge

The Conbrov is a very easy to use Mini Pocket Camcorder! I love how there really isn't much to press, just one button to begin and end recording. It's very simple to slide this into my pocket and no one ever notices that it's a camera because of the size and the design.

Features I love about the Conbrov Hd88 Mini Pocket:
  • One Touch Power - To have it recording I only need to touch the one button on top as well as to turn it off.
  • Memory - I can use a micro SD Memory Card up to 32GBs.
  • Wide Angle Lens - The lens is 75 degrees, which is pretty good for a small pen style camera.
  • Clip - Allows me to place on my pocket and keep a steady position, instead floating all over my pocket as I move.
  • Rechargeable Battery - I can recharge this device if I need too after use for a few hours. It doesn't need any other battery or way to charge the device, except the USB Cord and a USB Adapter for outlet or the computer. Plus, it can even charge it in an External Battery Charger, as I do most of the time.

Finally, this is a simple to use camera, which is great for secretly spying on others for security or just for fun. However, its a great little device and provides excellent images, when transferred to a computer for viewing.

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