Friday, August 7

Brazilian Bracelets: Making Friendship Bracelets & More by Florence Bellot

The book, Brazilian Bracelets by Florence Bellot is wonderful! definitely the step up or two from beginner books. In my opinion it's an excellent step to making different designs and fun and cool looking bracelets, like a professional! I think I've learned so much more than I would of knew I could make online, thanks to this book!  I love her creations she shows you how to make, from zigzags, crosses and so much more! Plus, I can add harms and make them even more stunning. However, It's defiantly a next step book, not much for the beginner, but the directions and step by steps are very helpful and so are the photos, illustrated in this book. I really love how wonderful they look and can't wait to make a few for my friends and family!
The one I love most is on page 50 and It's the Crisscross Wraps, but I have to say these Thin Bracelets on page 14 and 15 is simple and fun to create with different accessories! They very much make beautiful bracelets for everyone to love!
Finally, this book is a perfect step up from my beginner types in friendship bracelet making. So I'm so glad to have it in my home!
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