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Aromatherapy Anointing Oils by Joni Keim Loughren and Ruah Bull

The book, Aromatherapy Anointing Oils by Joni Keim Loughren and Ruah Bull is excellent with all the uses of different oils and benefits they provide. I find the book to be very helpful, with natural healing and plus all the wonderful smells they provide. Its very easy to understand and a great guidance to new and useful oils that I had no idea could do more than what I normally would use a few for!

This is an excellent book and I really recommend this for anyone who wants to use Aromatherapy to heal and benefit form its natural smells. I love beautiful smells of oils like lavender and lemon, but really with this book I am learning so much more and using my favorite oils in different ways than I ever did before! There is easy ways to use them for blessings and even just any other special sacred occasion. The book is really packed with information, but it really isn't a huge book. Instead, it's full of the most known oils and the ways to use them for emotional and spiritual healing and more!
Finally, this is a great way to heal and one of the best books for using of Aromatherapy.
Information About The Author:
Joni Loughran has twenty-two years of experience in the health and beauty field as a practitioner, educator, and consultant. She is a licensed cosmetologist with advanced studies in European aesthetics and aromatherapy. Joni currently has a private practice and works in product development for natural cosmetic manufacturers.

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