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750 KNITTING STITCHES The Ultimate Knit Stitch Bible Pavilion Books

The book, 750 KNITTING STITCHES by Pavilion Books is a perfect way to get from the normal and original known stitch and try something new!
It's terrific with so many different stitches, I really can't use the same exact one! It's got ones I had no idea about and now I know how to make them exactly and perfectly with the step by step guide and photos. The book is not super huge, but includes many different stitches and designs. I love how easy it is to follow along and for a beginner, trying to understand knitting this book is excellent!
It's full of illustrated examples and text to guide you, as well as abbreviations and tools used.
I think this is the best book to own for beginning in knitting or to remember certain things as well as make new stitches. Also my favorite is the Eyelet Mock Cable Ribbing, as it reminds me of eyes going up a cable or even the Ocean Wave as it reminds me of the water waves going up and down. However, I honestly love so many that I can't wait to get my knitting kneedles out to start a few of them! Finally, this is one excellent Bible of Knitting!
Information About The Author:
Pavilion Books Group is a thriving independent London-based publisher producing high-quality illustrated books.

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