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500 CROCHET STITCHES The Ultimate Crochet Stitch Bible Pavilion Books

The book, 500 CROCHET STITCHES by Pavilion Books is perfect for many like myself who love to crochet! This book is full of different stitches, that I can now switch up my normal scarf design to something even more spectacular and unique. I think with a book like this I'm never going to be bored with the same design every time. Now instead of color changing I can take some new stitches and make my original something more eye catching.

Not only is this a helpful book, but it's very easy to follow and a great guide to understand how too and what you need to do each stitch. Also, some of the words or maybe abbreviations that I've always been lost with, is easier to understand now that I have a book to explain them too me. I always got lost when it came to certain stitches and abbreviations, so when following a pattern I just got stumped every time after getting so far along. However, this book makes it easier and so much simpler to understand every abbreviation and example to how to do the exact stitch!
Information About The Author:
Pavilion Books Group is a thriving independent London-based publisher producing high-quality illustrated books.

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