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3D Game Programming for Kids: Create Interactive Worlds with JavaScript by Chris Strom

The book, 3D Game Programming for Kids: Create Interactive Worlds with JavaScript by Chris Strom is such an excellent book for me the beginner and many children as well! However, I figure start at a child's level if your trying to understand programming with Java that way you can learn it easily and it's broken down simpler.  So even though it says for children, it's perfect for adults and beginners too!
The fun idea to make and create my own games is so much fun and I can enjoy creating so many different moves and stunts my character can do. It's like a great guide and so easy to understand, that I was working on my first game the same day I got the book.  What I love is the way it starts off like many things in life, easy steps and than gets to the complicated approaches. Plus, I am finally learning more about JavaScript and understanding what it is like to program on. 
Finally, this is an excellent book and very worth the time to read, if you want to create your first game or help a child understand programming.

Information About The Author:
Chris Strom is a relentless public learner, with more than 1,000 blog posts serving as research notes for his writing. His books include Dart for Hipsters, The SPDY Book, and Recipes with Backbone. He has more than ten years of experience programming in Perl, Ruby, JavaScript, and whatever his current obsession happens to be. Chris lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife, three children, and a goldfish named Martin Tanner.

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