Friday, August 28

1byone -Smart Portable Car Jump Starter 9000mAh 12V Multi-Function, Ultra-bright LED Flashlight, High Capacity Power Bank for Smart Phones

 The Car Jumper Starter is just excellent! For the purpose of charging my car and devices it works great! I had a few times when my car wouldn't start, but when using this it actually helped out and put the power I needed back into the car. I always felt these wouldn't do what they say, but surprisingly the Car Jump Starter does work! There is just nothing strange about the design, simple rectangle box , which makes it easy to travel and less space taken up. I love that everything is just a simple plug in and nothing else needs to be turned on or switched on for use. The power is perfect for my cars needs and even to charge up my other devices.
Features I like about the 1byone Portable Car Jump Starter:
  • Charger - Car and Phone/other devices. Very powerful Output for charging my car and getting it started again as well as powering my many devices.
  • Design - Slim, Small and easy to take anyplace.
  • Easy To Use - Very simple to set up and use. No long manual to read and very straight forward with design! 
  • LED Flashlight - Also  A Powerful Flashlight, so in-case of emergencies have a light to use in the car. I now don't fear the dark, as I have a bright light to guide me when I'm out at night as well as for emergencies.
Finally, this is an excellent product and works great as it should. So if I ever come in any emergency that I need a light or more power this product seems to just enough to get me home safe!

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