Saturday, August 22, 2015

1byOne - New Release! 5GHz Wireless HDMI Streaming Media Player WiFi Display Dongle

 The new release of the 1byOne Streaming HDMI Stick is so awesome! I just always wanted the ability to share my phone videos, computer saved videos and photos and so much more right to the big screen. The HDMI Media Stick allows the to be possible. It is very easy to setup, by Inserting the 1byOne Streaming Stick into the HDMI Port on my Television and begin sharing! 
Features I love about the Wireless HDMI Streaming Media Stick:
  • Size - As large as a regular stick used for a USB Flash-drive, but instead its made for the HDMI Port and same in size.
  • Everything Included - The Stick and wires are all included, all I have to provide is the WiFi connection and videos or media I want to transfer from my phone or other device 
  • Fast - The images and everything I transfer from one device to my TV is appearing faster and in perfect color and sound! 
  • Portable - I can easily take this with me and make any Television into a WiFi Media Streaming Device.
  • Easy To Setup - Just like a simple Plug and Play. 
Finally, this is a really nice product and something I will use often because I love to video stream and this makes it easy!

The Video Can Be Found Here:

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

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