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Ugee CV720 Smart Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet with Rechargeable Pen Stylus (White)

The Ugee CV720 is a wonderful Drawing Tablet with Rechargeable Stylus. I don't need any batteries to use this device, I just charge the pen and get right to work. I actually find it to be comfortable and simple to use. It provides me with the perfect lines and look as if I'm really sketching/ drawing on a piece of paper. It's so much better than the use of a mouse method. I can get even lines and curves angles to my art.
Features I love about the Ugee CV720 Drawing Tablet:
  • Design - Very slim design and not super large so you can take it with you and easily enjoy drawing anywhere!
  • Size - It actually reminds me of a normal size mouse pad that you can draw on, while the framing around it lifts the product up a bit so you can easily keeps it leveled. 
    • Active Drawing Area Size - 8 x 5  
  • Rechargeable Pen - Allows me to never worry about batteries, when I can charge the pen stylus and begin sketching day after day.
  • Compatible Programs - You can pretty much work with many types of programs like Adobe Photoshop, Sketchbook Express, Manga Studio and many more. I use the Adobe Program with mine.
  • Included - You have everything you need to start using the device, just make sure you have a program to use it with.
    • CV720 White Tablet 
    • Pen Stylus, White
    • White Pen Stylus Holder
    • Charging Line For Pen
    • 8 Pen Nibs 
    • User Manual
    • USB Cable for the Tablet to Connect to your computer
    • Installation CD

Finally, I feel it's just as good as those expensive brands and provides even a beginner the feeling of using a sketch pad and paper.

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