Monday, July 27

The Realism Challenge: Drawing and Painting Secrets from a Modern Master of Hyperrealism by Mark Crilley

Let me first say that the book, The Realism Challenge by Mark Crilley really is easy to understand and actually makes me want to draw! I learned so much by how you can make the everyday object look the same on paper as it does in front of you. The tips of shadowing and coloring is what makes this easy to achieve the look you want and the many other helpful hints as well! 
I am in love with how the photos are of the object and the same ones next to it, are of the object drawn. It is like so similar and you almost really can not tell which is real and which is the created one. I think the easiest approach is to draw the item, but those who do love painting or any other type of media can recreate anything with the guidance of this book. Plus, you don't need to be a artist or someone who enjoys art, which is cool as well! 
I mean you can actually be a beginner and use this book to help you achieve the desired look of an object, well how and where to begin. It really has so much information about certain things that some books leave out. The photos inside really do help and the step by step ways to improve or learn to do is excellent!
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