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The Herbal Handbook for Home and Health by Pip Waller

The book, Herbal Handbook for Home and Health by Pip Waller is an excellent guide to picking and growing herbs at home or anywhere. I really enjoyed the full pages of information of recipes for each different herbs you can find outdoors and even grow. Some of the herbs I've heard of and use often, but others are new to me and it's great to know of ways I can use them for pet health, cleaning the kitchen, using for beauty and much more!

So really inside there is so many different recipes and ideas that I can't wait to make and use! Some names sound so delicious and soothing like the Fruity Body Custard or refreshing like the Lavender water.
I think it's a very well written and loving the simple illustration inside the book. I am so happy to have a book full of recipes to use those herbs in for natural remedies, and recipes that may save me more money than buying processed or chemical products from the store.
Finally, I think the author did a wonderful job creating this book. Plus, the I'm really enjoying the cover of the book, it looks so natural and easy to understand what the book is all about.

Some Information About The Author:
PIP WALLER is a medical herbalist, massage therapist, plant spirit medicine and shamanic practitioner. She has taught anatomy and physiology to students of natural medicine since 1991, including at the Blarney Centre of Acupuncture and Reflexology, the Academy of Natural Health in London, and the Meridian School of Massage in Birmingham. She has also been a clinical supervisor for the National Institute of Medical Herbalists Training Clinic attached to the University of Central Lancashire in Preston. She is the author of Holistic Anatomy--An Integrative Guide to the Human Body and lives in North Wales.

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