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The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Magical Plants, Revised: A Practical Guide to Creating Healing, Protection, and Prosperity using Plants, Herbs, and Flowers by Susan Gregg

The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Magical Plants is a beautifully illustrated book of plants and what they can do for you! See, I'm a huge fan of books that can help you naturally heal or anything that benefits you and the earth. So my first thought when picking up this book was how beautiful the cover it and what wonderful beneficial plants I'll learn about. 
So lets just say, when you open this book your eyes will be filled with joy! The photographs of real plants and flowers are just full of color and life. Plus, even if your not who believes in magical powers and I know many don't really believe in that, but you can believe that there is plants with their own special powers out there that are known to heal and help you feel better. So for me this book is really something I'm totally interested in! I understand that everything on this world has a purpose and in their own way are meant to help you and provide you with support. So to me this book is something that makes me realize what I've never knew about every single plant, tree and flower that I never knew about before!
So when reading through the book, I can tell how well it's sectioned to help you find certain pieces of information you may want to learn more about. A few of the first pages are filled with information of the Moon Cycles, Making Herbal Teas and a few other wonderful things. Next, it goes to tell you about the many different plants, trees, and flowers that grow outside your house. I know that many our grown in my garden and some of those trees I have growing right beside my home. So it's great to know that if I need help to cure or learn what i can do with certain plants than this book is the guide for me!
Finally, this book is so wonderful for it's detailed information and so much of what I never knew and what I now know more about! It really is a great encyclopedia and filled with such wonderful photos.

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