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The Book of Stones, Revised Edition: Who They Are and What They Teach by Robert Simmons

For me, The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons is so perfect! I have here all the stones and gems I knew of, but many more that I had no idea were ever created by the earth.
It's so fascinating to find out so many wonderful benefits and interesting, colorful stones out there that have just been discovered. 

This book is full of information that could be useful for those who use stones to heal and those who enjoy collecting. I myself find I love gemstones, after my mom has been using them in her jewelry. The book actually fed me so much information about the few I cherish the most like amethyst and rose quartz. All I can say is this book is one of the best guides to all types of stones and everything little detail you need to know or want to learn about.
The wonderful thing about this book is that it's not a small bit of information, that's why it's a large book! I mean you have an in-depth description and information about each stone and what they do for you and can do for you. Plus a photo of every single one!
Finally, now that I have the book I can always use this for guidance and information to any stone I come in contact with. I am so happy to have a copy for reference in my home!
Information About The Authoer:
ROBERT SIMMONS is the cofounder of Heaven and Earth, a company offering more than 2,000 gem and jewelry items for self-healing and spiritual and emotional development. Together with his wife, Kathy Warner, he is the founder and sponsor of the Crystal Conference, an annual four-day teaching event in which the best-known crystal authors and teachers come together to offer intensive workshops to stone enthusiasts from all over the world. NAISHA AHSIAN is an author, teacher, and healer with an international practice. She is the creator of the Crystal Resonance Therapy and Primus Activation Healing Technique spiritual healing modalities. Director of the Crystalis Institute for Personal and Planetary Evolution, an educational organization offering training and certification for healers worldwide.

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