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Spell Craft for a Magical Year: Rituals and Enchantments for Prosperity, Power, and Fortune by Sarah Bartlett

The Spell Craft for a Magical Year by Sarah Bartlett is an excellent way to learn about the many spells you can use during each month and how they are more powerful during certain cycles of the sun and moon. This book is totally packed with the information you need to know and use spell casting. What I love about the book is that each month has a special crystal used and a special theme.
For example, you can find that February is the month for Lifestyle Changes and the crystal that would be used for this month is the Amethyst for Inspiration. So when you read about February, you find out about the many special rituals and castings you can do for certain holidays in that month and many more! Everything is well written in order and explains to you, everything you'll need and what you need to do. It's very wonderful and a great way to learn about rituals and how to perform spells during the right time, for best results!
The one part I find is my favorite of the spells,  is the month of May on the 21st. It is the spell for Enchantment For Youthfulness. I think that is something everyone would love to know. So there is so many different ones and something to use during each celebration, during every month!

Finally, I just have to say this is the first book that is packed with more information and rituals than many of the beginner books. So if your like me and want to learn about spell-crafting and even understand about the rituals that can be performed, than this would be the perfect book to pick up and read!

Here is a little information about the author:

Sarah Bartlett is the author of several spiritual and occult books, including the bestselling 'Tarot Bible' and the 'Essential Guide to Psychic Powers.' An astrologer for many women's magazines such as UK Cosmopolitan, She, Spirit and Destiny, and the London Evening Standard, Sarah currently contributes to BBC Radio 2 show, Steve Wright in the Afternoon, as well as to, of which she is a founding member. She has recently written 'Supernatural Places' for National Geographic, and 'The Afterlife Bible' for Octopus. Dividing her time between London and the south of France, Sarah teaches and practices astrology, tarot, Wicca and other occult arts.
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