Wednesday, July 15

Sminiker Wireless Bluetooth 6Axis Dualshock Game Controller Gampad for Sony PS3 Playstation 3

The Sminiker Wireless Bluetooth 6Axis Controller is very nice in design and has a comfortable handle to grip on. I love how simple the buttons are to spot with the red and of course the symbols on the action buttons. It's been a pleasure to use with my game system as it plays perfectly and has been used with my friends as a second player and first player controller.

Features I love about the Sminiker Wireless Bluetooth 6axis Game Controller:
  • Quality - Made very well with a soft grip handles, has easy to press buttons which show action and movement instantly on the screen once pushed, and the color is very nice for a gaming controller.
  • Vibration - Feels like I'm in the game. When my character gets hit or takes a fall, I feel the results as well.
  • Length Of Handles - Longer than any PS3 controller, with soft grips that I can hold on too in so much comfort. Great for shooting, racing and pretty much many different games.

Finally, I find this to be an excellent game controller with so much more sleeker design and comfort than any PS3 controller I played with before!

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