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Pyrus WIFI Network Card Mini Camera Infrared Night Vision HD Wireless Surveillance Camera

The Pyrus WIFI Network Card Mini Camera is a wonderful HD Security Camera for an excellent price! It provides an excellent amount of security recording through the night and day. I only use it when I'm going to be gone for an hour and want to keep an eye on things. However, it can only record a total 100 mins during the day and 60 mins at night on a single charge, which is pretty good for a small device like this.

Features I love about the Pyrus WIFI Network Card Mini Camera:
  • Size - Size is close to a mouse, which makes it easy to take and travel with everywhere. Plus, if left at home very small and not easily spotted by others.
  • Design - Shaped like a small rectangular box with a small lens on top. All buttons and ports located on the sides.
  • Memory - Insert up to 32 GB of memory to the SD Card slot, micro and enjoy endless recording of video and saving of many different pieces captured. 
  • Battery - rechargeable battery, works long but needs to be recharged every hour or in 100 mins to keep it running.
  • WiFi -  Can work with a PC, IOS and Android 
  • Other Items Included -There is a mount for the camera, USB power cord with choice to use the outlet adapter and the instructions.
  • Easy To Setup/Use - Very simple to prepare and setup for use. I only took few minutes, under 30 before I was recording! 

Finally, this is such an excellent device for security and I love it so much more than any other I ever owned! Excellent recordings in HD every time!

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