Friday, July 3

Parateck Dimmable A4 Led Copy Board Illumination Tracing Pad for Drawing Light Box

The Parateck Dimmable A4 Led Copy Board is excellent! The light is bright enough to illuminate a thick piece of paper. I can easily trace and draw right on top of this thin and large board. It's just the perfect size for me and for my art. I am entering competitions and always needed away to trace my work over again and this does it for me. 

Features I love about the Dimmable A4 LED Copy Board:
  • Size - Fits on my lap or desk so I can trace even a large photo or design easily. Frame size is about 14 inches x 10 inches with the illuminated area about 13 inches x 9 inches.
  • Design - Smooth and flat surface with a not so thickness to the sides. It's light weight and easy to handle with a very bright LED light, which is charged up by the Power Cord.
  • The measurements on the side and top are also very helpful for certain art works and landscapes/portrait designs.
  • Multi-purpose - Many of uses and not only for art, but for tattoos and jobs that need to draw blueprints out.

Finally, this product is super easy to use and so much fun! I probably haven't stop using this LED Light Box since I got it!

Truly Excellent!

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