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Nova Microdermabrasion Pro Electric Nail File Drill Machine Pedicure Complete Kit

 The Nova Microdermbrasiosn Pro Electric Nail Drill Set is full of accessories and a really powerful drill! I love the easy setup you have with the drill and the additional accessories makes it a great purchase! Therefore, I wouldn't need to buy nail buffers, French tips,nail files and nail decorations like stickers and rhinestones because it's also included in this kit.
The entire thing is very nice and a wonderful set for my home and so easy to store away when not in use.

Features I love about the Pro Electric Nail File Drill with Accessories:
  • Machine's Design - I love these types of drills, where it's easy to access the speed and setup the drill, which is all in the front. You have the ability to change from foot to hand use of the drill and the change from forward to reverse with the drill. I normally keep it to one direction throughout the session. Now for the speed it's all in the center, which the bars from small to large show the difference in speed as it will when you move the little piece from left to right.
  • Stand Included - The stand is included allowing me to place the drill down on when I'm in between uses.
  • Foot Petal - It reminds me of my sewing machine, this is a perfect size petal and easy to press down onto when using the drill. The cord is of perfect length and doesn't seem to ever be a problem of reaching the floor from my table.
  • Power - A very high powered machine with the ability to adjust from 0 to 30000 fast!
  • Additional Nail Tools and Accessories - The extra is excellent and so fun because I love using stickers and actually this is like owning a practice machine if your going to work at a salon or open your own business. The entire machine is great, but the additional items make it excellent!
  • Easy To Use - Even a beginner can work the machine for the first time and understand how to take out the drill and put in another. There is no difficult button choices or things to remember other than turning it on and off.

Finally, this is just an excellent small and yet strong device for fake and real nails. So the main reason I love this device best is the Quality of the product, the Speed it can increase and decrease too, and the Easy To Setup every time I need to use it!

This is really an excellent device!

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