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NEW Gaming Mice by Talentech

3 New Gaming Mice for your PC by Talentech.
This is an excellent wired mouse! I can easily attach it to my PC, actually the two i own and even a Smart TV Box and it works fine. I have no problem getting it to start working, right after plugging it in the USB Port.

The design is very nice and stylish for a typical mouse, but the speed is what matters! To me, the 2000 DPI Speed of the mouse is like super fast and even better than the 1600 DPI I'm use too! I can play my Racing games and Battle with speed, as well as use this mouse for work when no playing  a game. It's fast and super efficient!

Love it!

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The Talentech Shadow 4000 DPI is the fastest controller/mouse I've ever used for my PC and it works with even the oldest one I own the Dell XP. It has excellent ability to glide across my gaming mouse pad and makes getting to one part of the screen as fast as I need it too! 
I think for the design it is super sleek and has the smooth comfort style for my hand to rest upon. I can use my entire one hand to select each button on the side to forward or go back a page and move across an entire page. 

However, the best part is using it to game play online! I can really do a better job and win a lot easier with the speed of this mouse. It doesn't slow me down and I am ending up getting better scores than my friends. So word games, Battle and racing games are now my favorite when I'm using this mouse. 

Totally awesome!

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The Talentech Black mouse here is very nice and has a great deal of speed for Gaming. However, I use it for work as well! It's made with a nice style and so much comfort to glide across my mouse pad and get my pointer on screen from one side to the opposite side as fast as possible! I am so use to the 1600 DPI, but with the new upgrade to my older mouse, I am getting to enjoy this a lot more!

It is a wonderful wired controller and doesn't cost more to own because there is no need for batteries!
Excellent quality and an excellent product!

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