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Military Camping Folding Shovel Survival Kit Self-driving Traveling by Horsebiz

The Military Camping Folding Shovel is one kit I am proud to have in my car, while I travel and camp! It is something anyone should have for surviving the outdoors or any occurring problems, while traveling. This shovel is packed with so many additional tools, than just the folding shovel. In my opinion, it reminds me of the my-size multi-tool in one. What I first loved about this is that it's a Military Quality Tool, which I already tells me this is strong and long lasting. However, the performance is where it really counts! I can tell you that this product does what it says it will! It's a fully strong durable tool, with a nice design.
I can easily open up to the other tools inside the shovel and access each as needed. The tools that are included are the Magnesium Rod, Flashlight, Ice Ax, Impactor, multi-function Knife, XG 1 Pipe, and Shovel head. However, that isn't all it has inside the shovel's handle, with this kit. What makes it even better is that you also get the additional Charger for a Car, Survival Rope, Charge for the Flashlight, Bag, Whistle, Tourniquet, white/red Emergency Lampshade, and Screwdriver Bits. 
Now for the tools inside the shovel and included with the deluxe set, I had no problem with the use of each tool, as they all perform perfectly. Now, I totally can see that these tools inside the shovel and the shovel itself, is meant to last a long time, by the durable material and how much pressure and use I put on them. Lets just say, they really keep their shape and break through ice, dig the dirt deep, and cut through rope when I need it!  
Finally, I want to say that I do have the Deluxe kit and it's totally packed with so many additional tools and included gear to keep me safe and surviving the outdoors! Therefore, with the many uses with the product already, I have to say that this is an excellent product!

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