Wednesday, July 15

DigitNow! Video Grabber Box

 I love the DigitNow! Video Grabber Box because I need no computer or another way to transfer my recorded memories and other moments to a memory card. I can do it all on this Video Grabber box, which takes so much less work in the process! Therefore, it's just an easy to use product I can work with and it gives such a nice clear view on the screen of the Video Grabber, exactly as you took it on the camera.
My favorite features of this DigitNow! Video Grabber Box is:
  • Design - A very simple to use design with no need to use a computer. It connects right to you device and copies directly to a memory card. So turning old VHS Tapes or Videos recorded on a camcorder is a piece of cake for me and a great way to save space from old memories. The buttons are simple to press, very easy to read and understand. There are many ports and the slot for memory card on the sides. 
  • Screen - You can get a glimpse of what your copying and recording to a memory card by the screen on the back. It's a nice size for this small video grabber. 
  • Included - Everything is included to get you started, just add your device of choice to begin.
  • Easy To Use - Very straight forward and simple to understand, even with out the directions. It only took less than an hour and I was already downloading many different types of recorded action videos from my camera and old Tapes.
  • Compatible With Many Electronic Devices - So many can be inserted and used on this product, by the HDMI Port or the RCA Cables, etc. That is what makes it excellent!

Finally, it's an easy to use product, that supports a wide range of devices and electronic products. In the long run, it saves me room in my house by downsizing old tapes of memorable moments on a SD Card.

Excellent device, very well made!

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