Wednesday, July 22

Crenova Second Generation 3D Printing Pen Stereoscopic Craft Drawing Printer Doodler with LED Display

The Crenova Second Generation 3D Printing Pen is pretty cool! I always wanted to try it out, since I heard about them. This is like a pen you can create realistic, touchable models or pictures that stand tall. The small pen point sends out the filament which you are using to create you design. I think it's a pretty cool idea and very fun!
Features I love about the Crenova Second Generation 3D Printing Pen:
  • Size - The thickness of the Pen gives you a good grip and the shaping helps as well. There is a thin tip, like a regular pen which allows you to make a better design without too much of the filament color coming out too fast or thick!
  • Color - Pretty bright and yet a nice color for the pen.
  • Design - All buttons on the side and make it easy to press/push while holding with one hand. Plus you get a LED display and the opening by the pen makes it less noisy as most can be!
  • Included - Everything from the Filament, Manual, Power Supply and the 3D Pen to get you going the day it comes in
Finally, it's fun and very cool of a pen to create realistic models and statues you can play with or gift another. I love it!

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