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Crenova BL-18 Eye Protection 60 Lux LED Portable Mini Projector Multimedia + Remote Control

The Crenova  BL-18 LED Portable Projector is very useful when I want to enlarge my game play and videos on a larger screen! I find it works great with my PS3 and even some PC games and videos. Even though it's a lower LED of 60 Lux, it really isn't a bad choice! I don't actually think the visual is that bad it's still clear and looks like the actual images seen on the device before it was put through the Projector. So honestly, to me this is an excellent machine and does a great job to bring a movie or game to life for everyone to enjoy!
Features I love about the Crenova Portable Projector:
  • Size - Small and easy to carry anyplace, very light weight.
  • Easy To Setup - not a huge instruction manual that has me confused. Instead, it's a few pages with detailed information and photos. I was able to put it on and get it working, less than 30mins. Plus this is coming from someone who never used a LED Projector before!
  • Design - all the buttons on top are easy and clear to see/touch. the little legs keep it raised and flat on the surface, while the large wide lens allows for a nice size image to be projected on to the wall/screen. The sides of the device, has ports for all different Multimedia uses like flash drive, SD or connecting with another device.
  • Work And Play - Can be great for business and just for at home use. It's not super bright, but it gets the job done and better yet prevents any eye problem by looking at it.
Left View
Back View
Right View
Top Control View
Finally, it's simple to use and very nice to get a large visual of an object through this projector!

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