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Crenova 1080P Full HD Multi Media Player HDMI Video

The Crenova Media Player is excellent for Photos, Videos and other saved media files for viewing. I love the clear images and the ability to access all my favorite downloads and be able to watch or share them with my friends.

Top view with all controls.
Features I love about the Crenova Media Player:
  • Media Viewer - I just insert a memory card and get to view my favorite videos, photos, and more from what  I've downloaded online to be viewed at a friends house on the Television or with the family .
  • Memory - It can read memory cards like SD cards or even USB Flash Cards to view your material. 
  • Controls - Every button is located on top and easy to access. Plus comes with a controller with everything you need to play,stop, go back and much more.
  • Easy To Use- Comes with simple instructions to use the device. All you need to do is add your media files and you can enjoy watch or change them if needed. 
HDMI Port - Right Side 
Power Button, YPrPb, AV, and DC 5V ports - Back Side
SD Card Slot and USB Port - Left Side
Also Included, Power Cord, TV Cables and Remote Control.
Finally, its pretty nice way to experience some videos at home and best of all I can now download many of them and watch them on the Television or ones I've recorded on my camcorder.

Excellent Video/Media Player!

Video Review:

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