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Aoson M751S 7" QuadCore Tablet PC Android 4.4 Dual Cameras Tablets External 3G Wifi Google

The AOSON M751S 7" 4.4 Tablet QuadCore is very easy to work with and such a lovely white color with a black framing around the touch screen. Everything you need to use the device is in the box!

Features I love about the AOSON M751S:
  • Sensitive Touch Screen - The screen acknowledges your touch right away!
  • Ports and Buttons - All these are located on the right side, making it easy to reach and use.
  • 8GB Memory - Good amount for a tablet, but I can always add up to 32GB SD Card for more memory.
  • Two Cameras- One in the front and rear for video chatting, photos and recording.
  • 7" Tablet - Very easy to handle and portable. Can take and travel with me any place, fits in my purse!
  • Many Uses - I find I use it for work and play, with the Google Play Store I can enjoy videos, games, and even use it to communicate with others, use notes, and emailing. Really endless possibilities!
  • QuadCore - Works fast and allows me to do many different things at the same time without it slowing down to fast!
  • Google Android - I love Androids! They are easy to use and have the best Apps!

Finally, this is a very easy tablet to use and so much fun to play with! The quality is great and so is the volume and images! Plus, it's Android! 

Excellent Tablet by Aoson!

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