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Aoson 9" Android 4.4 Tablet PC, Cortex A33 1.5 GHz Quad-Core Processor,1GB / 8GB,Dual Camera,G-Sensor(Black)

The Aoson  9" Android A33 Tablet is so easy to use and such a nice black tablet with black framing around the front screen. It's a perfect entertainment system, with the 9inch screen. In my opinion, any tablet with a 9-10 inch screen or larger, can be a great product for viewing videos and playing games on. However, I find I use it often to chat on my social networks and even send messages or take notes, with the many different Google Apps I've downloaded for that purpose. 
Features I love about the Aoson  9" Android A33 Tablet:
  • Size - 9 inches for viewing videos, games, and using for work. I can easily store it and take it with me, while I travel.
  • Cameras - Dual Cameras, one on the front and back. Great for video chatting and recording or taking pictures.
  • Picture and Sound Quality - I get crystal clear sound and images with this device. I love how easy it is to see an entire video without any blurry or faded imagery. Plus the sound comes out like Movie Theater quality, loud and clear.
  • Touch Screen - Sensitive Screen, which makes it easy to adjust/move items around and quickly get from app to app with a touch.
  • Memory - 8 GB is the max storage on the tablet, but you can insert more memory in the Mini SD card slot.
  • Quad Core - Better speed and faster loading time with many apps and use of the internet.
  • Android - I am so use to Android Tablets, which makes it easy to use and comfortable to me! However, what I love is it uses Google and everything from my profile can be transferred right to the tablet after login into the device.
  • Google Play Store - Everything from work or fun, I can download and use to complete daily tasks or enjoy as entertainment. I have so many videos and games bought at the Play Store so now I can view and enjoy them all on the go, with this tablet.
  • For Everyone - Easy to use, and doesn't take long to begin using once you receive it. Adults to kids can use this without a problem.
Finally, this is an excellent computer and very useful for so many different things! I find I use it often, as if it's my actual computer, but so much easier to carry!

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