Monday, July 13

AMIClubwear - Clothing Review

 I just had my first arrival of clothing from AMIClubwear and I had to share with you all my choices from this wonderful shop! First, I want to start with this Hot Pink Floral Crochet Sleeveless Cute Summer Dress  I love pink and this is the dress that would match my personal style! I know many think of clubbing to be very eye appealing and edgy clothing, but for me I rather wear something bright and easy to wear any day of the week not just for a party or club. The dress I have here is just a smiple crocheted, pink dress with a lovely flowing skirt type bottom.
It's so comfortable to wear and the chain adds a little bit of style to it as well.
I love the fit and how simple it is to go with the boots I'm wearing!
As I mentioned I had to match something and I what caught my eyes were these Black Stitched Quilted Combat Boots Faux Leather .
The Combat Boots work with any style and I love it paired with this dress! I am so much into different styles and pairing clothing with other things that you'd never see together normally.
However, wearing boots and a dress is like the new thing that seems to just work!
These boots are of a perfect height and not difficult to slip right into. They fit like a glove and have so many different things going on with the buckles and zipper and shoe lace that it just adds to the beauty of these combat boots. I really enjoy the length as they aren't short and remind me of military boots.
Finally, these are just a great match and so comfortable to wear all day and night long at any club, party or hangout!
Next I added a Black Detailed Design Stylish Cute Summer Scarf . This is something that I figure would go with many things I wear and since I'm in the black and pink color, I figure it be a nice extra. 
The scarf can be worn in so many different ways and just a little addition I could wear with my outfit. I love the detailed stitch design and how it's not pure black but white and black. 
So together this outfit is all from AMIClubwear and you can find something for your size because they carry every size, even plus!

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