Sunday, July 5, 2015

3 Zhidong USB PC, PS3 & Android Compatible Wired Controllers

The Zhidong N Plus Wired controller is very nice and easy to plug right into the USB port for my Computer or even PS3. It allows me access to all my favorite games on either device and the functions are perfect! 

Features I love best:
  • Wired - Everything is together, no part will be lost. 
  • Multiple Devices - I can connect to my computer, my game system and my phone with the connector easily.
  • Stunning - Very lovely design and comfortable to hold. Definitely looks like a gaming device and perfect for anyone to own.
  • Easy Setup - Easy to setup and begin enjoying, little look into the directions and your ready to begin.

Finally, it's all in the box and I don't have to worry about adapters to use this product with my many devices. It's great and such a comfort to hold while racing, fighting or playing many other different games!

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The Zhidong N Plus Wired Controller with a lovely white and blue/black design is very nice and reminds me of a like a Xbox controller with style! I really love the look and the easy to use controls. This is very nice and comfortable to hold, as you grip during game play.

Features I love about the Full Vibration Zhidong USB Wired Controller:
  • Full Vibration - I get the full effect of pain that is seen on screen and felt in my hands. The true gaming experience is if your in the game yourself and this gets you there!
  • Multiple Device Connection - Your able to play on the PC, PS3 and Android phone without a problem. I love that its able to be used for more than one device and does a great job working with each!
  • Wired - Easy to connect 
  • Color - Loving the Silver and Blue combination, very sleek

Finally, this is just an excellent double player controller or if your like me, I'd choose to use this and give the original controller for my PS3 to my friend to play. It's really that much more comfortable to hold and I do so much
better with a great controller like this!


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The normal look of a PS3 structure is what you get with this controller and though it has longer gripping handles which are excellent in my opinion!
The design is sleek and the extended handles are what I love best!

Features I love about the Zhidong V Full Vibration USB Controller:
  • Wired - Stay connected with the cord and no worries of losing a receiver or piece to use the game controller. Plus reminds me of every other game system controller.
  • Handles - Long handles that allow for better gripping and in my opinion more ease to use the controls, which for me result in better times in racing or games that require faster movements.
  • Simple Setup - Very easy to set up and get you playing in no time. Plug and Play as a normal PS3 controller and other devices.

Finally, very nice design and such a great controller for game play! I never knew what a good controller could do, until I got a chance to own one! Excellent!

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