Monday, June 15, 2015

ZhiZhu Dual Core Android 4.2.2 Smart TV Box Pro Media Player 1080P WIFI HDMI XBMC YOUTUB+HDMI Cable

The ZhiXhu Dual Core Android TV Box, is a pretty good TV Smart Box! It load pages at a good rate, but it is an entertainment system and computer in one!
I can use this to play my favorite apps from the Google Playstore, as I would on my Smart Phone or Tablet. However, having the advantage of using my Large 32" Television like a Computer with a brain, I can do so much more and view videos from YouTube, Netflix and so much more on the large screen easier!

Features I love about the ZhiZhu Dual Core Android 4.2.2 Smart TV:

  • Design - Simple white design and I love the simple to use controller as it's easy to understand and control the pointer for selecting certain apps or typing in passwords and usernames.
  • Google Apps - I can enjoy my favorite TV Shows I missed the other night or play games I have downloaded and bought from the Google Playstore instantly and easily! Just log in and I'm ready to begin downloading. 
  • Memory - 8GB allows me to store many fun games, photos and videos easily. I don't really need to store many videos as I just watch most off of the TV Show Apps or Streaming I do from Netflix.
  • Size - Small and can easily be placed beside a TV and not be to large or bulky that it will take up to much space.
  • Sound and Images - Clear like watching a movie and listening to the music or voices with clear sound coming through the Television, which is just lovely!
  • USB Ports - Allows me to insert a mouse, controller (perfect for gaming), and keyboard (makes it easy to type). Plus, many other USB Supported Devices.

Finally, this makes movie night or any day of the week fun! It's an entertainment box that does everything and all on the TV. In my opinion, it's the box that makes your Television into a PC, and Tablet/Smart Phone in one!

Excellent device, works great!

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