Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wholesale Costume Club - Black Mid-Calf Boots

I always feel that some accessories are necessary for any Halloween Costume you wear. So it could look even more realistic and exciting! That's why the one thing I notice that really helps this become a true fact is the shoes that I pair with an outfit, even if it's not a costume. When I seen the variety of Footwear from Wholesale Costume Club I knew they would fit my taste and my many different costumes I already own and perhaps will own in the future. 

These shoes I'm talking about are known as the Adult Black Mid-calf Boots, which are just the right length in heel and size for my feet. I tend to go for a boot that doesn't include a larger heel because I always prefer comfort when walking out to Trick Or Treat and even just at a party, where I'm standing most of the time. Therefore, I find that a shorter heel is more comfortable and won't leave you in pain by the end of the night or next morning.

What makes these Mid-Calf Boots from the Wholesale Costume Club is that they don't look like boots for only your costume. Instead, I can even where this with my original clothing I own. The one thing that I like about the design of these boots, is that they have a very nice detailed style from the toe to the top of them. 

Some  of the Women's Boots  in stock have all different detailed styles to match your costume. So when I noticed the look of these Boots, they sort of reminded me of pirate boots. However, they're very simple and not extremely designed to be one specific match to a costume, so they really can work with even a witch costume or maybe with a cat outfit and so on!  Now for the shoes themselves, I love that there are plenty of eye holes and long thin shoe laces to tie all the way up these boots. However, it's all for looks because you really just un-zipper from the side and zipper back up once your foot is in. Though you can tighten them, but it does give them an interesting style and nice look!  

After wearing them for awhile, I don't actually feel any discomfort or tightness around my toes or heels. Therefore, wearing these all night long wouldn't be a problem!  

Finally, I think the detailing and style is just perfect! So I would recommend the Footwear from Wholesale Costume Club as a wonderful place to get your fashionable accessories and shoes to make that costume your going to wear on October or for another reason look perfect!  Plus, you can Like Wholesale Costume Club on Facebook and learn more about the deals and new costumes they have to offer.

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