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Tagital® T7X 7" Quad Core Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet PC, Bluetooth, Dual Camera, 2015 Newest Model

The Tagital T7X 7" Tablet is very easy to work on and a great entertainment device. However, there are so many great tablets on the market, but what makes me love this one most of all is the not because of the inexpensive price, but the quality! Plus,  it doesn't provide you with weak graphics and it always processes quickly with Quad Core processing.  So your getting quality,  slim easy to hold size and the ability to multitask all in one device.

For this tablet I find my favorite features would be:
  • Color - They come in so many different colors, which makes them more personal to you and a great way to gift someone. Of course I have the pink, but they are all very nice in colors like blue, black and white.
  • Design - Slim style design with a nice framing around the touchscreen. It's smooth exterior and has a sensitive touch screen, which comes in handy to get you from place to place fast! 
  • Bluetooth - Able to connect a keyboard, headset and much more!
  • Android Tablet - Google the main reason I love using this tablet, many of my downloaded favorite games and apps and my documents can be easily pulled up from Google Play Store. I just log in once and now have control of everything on the tablet, which makes life so much easier when everything syncs together perfectly!
  • The buttons are easy to reach on the side of the tablet, while the camera is perfectly centered in the back and front. You have all the main ports you need, for charging and inserting a headset/headphones. 
  • Memory - You can easily insert a memory card and expand the memory from the 4 GB already on the device. I only had a 8 GB at the moment to use and it works perfectly fine with the device.
  • Quad Core - Fast Processing, you can multi-task.
  • Clear Sound and Picture - Great view for games, videos and to work on!
  • Suitable For Everyone - I know not really a main item of this tablet, but I like when you can find a product useful for adults and children. This can be a gift for a child and teach them to enjoy using new technology or for an adult to work on, even a grandparent. I know if my grandma got this, she would be able to play on it easily verse the newest one she got for Xmas, which is hard to understand for her and hasn't been touched.
  • Cost - inexpensive and still very powerful with the Quad core and the ability to work, enjoy videos and play games. Your not getting a weak tablet, but something you would be able to work on daily.

Finally, This brand is very easy to work with and provides high quality sound, picture and processing. That would be why I find this to be the best choice for a beginner or an average tablet user!

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