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Tagital® T10 10.1" Quad Core Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet PC, 1GB RAM, 8GB Nand Flash, Bluetooth, Dual Camera, Play Store Pre-installed, 3D Game Supported, 2015 Newest Model

The Tagital T10 10.1" Quad Core is an excellent tablet that provides me with so much viewing space cause of the 10 inch screen. The dual cameras come in handy for video chatting and sending recordings or photos(selfies and other portrait/landscape photos).
For the quality I'm very pleased with the design, style and quality of the actual working product. I mean I can really hear and see every image with high quality images and clear sound as if I'm watching it in the theater. Now for the memory, it has plenty! enough to keep me downloading and viewing videos all day long. However, I mostly stream most and download my games on the device for instantly playing without connecting on the internet. However, either way it really is perfect!

Here are some features I love best about the Tagital T10 Quad Core Android 4.4 KitKat Tablet PC:
  • Design and Style - Nice size device that allows for a large visual of games, work and videos that you watch or do on the tablet. I love how simple it is to touch the screen and get a quick response without delay! The sides by the camera on top have your ports and the 4 buttons that you can use to turn on/off the tablet, increase or decrease the volume, and a return button. I enjoy the white exterior and the black framing of this tablet, which allows it to look very sleek!
  • Size - The size is an excellent 10 inch for great amount of viewing.
  • 8 GB Memory- The memory is so excellent that there is enough to allow you to save many games and files on your tablet, but you also can insert a memory card and save some on that as well.
  • Dual Cameras  - Fun for taking video recordings and photos.
  • Bluetooth - Easy to turn on and connect my keyboards, my Bluetooth speakers and much more!
  • Quad Core- Fast Fast and yes it's Fast! I love how quick it can move and how smooth the entire thing processes.
  • Google Android -  I can play many different games from the Playstore and enjoy the benefit of Google, which I use everyday to work with. So this comes in handy for fun and work!
  • Google Playstore - Many different games I can download and play or work material I may need to keep my productivity flowing!
  • Easy To Use - Very fast responses with the touch screen, simple to set up with your Google Account and is easy to access anything and everything on this device!

Finally, this is an excellent device, very well made and the quality is top notch!
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