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Tagital 7" Dual Core 3G Phablet, Android Phone Tablet, Android 4.4 Kitkat, Bluetooth 4.0

The Tagital 7" Dual Core 3G Phablet is a simple Phone and Tablet in one! I love the combination of the two because you have more than just a phone to call people, but a place to do work on and use for entertainment like a regular PC Tablet too. So in the long run, I don't have to use two separate devices to call someone, keep entertained with apps and do some work. 

Features I love best about the Tagital 7" Dual Core 3G Phablet:
  • Dual Core - For this Phablet It's a speed that works pretty fast and quick enough to get things I need done. I don't feel it ever slowing down and it gets from app, to browser sites and mail easily without difficulty.
  • Design and Style - The outer exterior isn't easy to leave finger prints and marks all over, plus it's also non-slip to grip. I actually find that the camera position is very much better than most phones or Phablets because it's easy to take a direct shot or a perfect capture than having it positioned on the side. However, that is just my opinion and what makes me feel comfortable is a camera that is perfectly in the center. Now for the color, this is also very nice, and gives it a sleek look, which I don't mind using a case to cover it up in.  Also, the last thing is that every port and button is easy to press and reach on the sides.
  • Cameras - Dual cameras, which work for video recording, voice recording and photos.
  • 2G/3G - Actually this is great because for my town, I don't have 4G or anything like that near me. It's easier to use 3G and connect than 4G. So it works wonderfully for me and keeps me connected!
  • WiFi - If not using this as a phone or have a Sim Card yet, well the WiFi allows this to work like a regular tablet.
  • Image Quality and Sound - Crystal clear picture and sound, perfect for recordings, videos and games played on this tablet.
  • 4 GB Storage - You can always add more with the Micro SD Slot.
  • Bluetooth -  The ability to connect a headset, keyboards and much more with this tablet!

Finally, I am very impressed with the device, and loving it every day! Very easy to use and an awesome product I can multitask on!


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