Thursday, June 4

ROXI Platinum Plating Luxury Flower Shape Girls Bracelet

This is a beautiful ROXI bracelet! I love the stones as they actually reminds me of either flowers, snowflakes or a mix of the both. In away, I can see why it would be considered
a Christmas Bracelet. The way it shimmers in the light, no matter which way you move or the bracelet moves upon your wrist. It's just gorgeous and looks like an expensive piece, worth way more than your going to pay for it! I could imagine this being a great gift for anyone in your life or even yourself! 

The ROXI Flower Bracelet is my favorite because:

  • Design - It's very easy to place upon my wrist, not much difficulty with the closure as it's very easy to open and close together. The shapes of this bracelet is perfect for the eye, but what I love is that it doesn't cause any discomfort worn on the wrist as the back is very smooth and not sharp.
  • The white, clear color is perfect to match anything your going to wear. It's just one of those bracelets that work with everything you wear and make you feel so beautiful wearing it!
  • Weight - Feels like your wearing nothing, it's light weight and very comfortable to wear all day long!
  • Size - Perfect 7.5 inches in size. So it's very reasonable and I still have room to move it around.
  • Special Occasions - Maybe a wedding, birthday party, anniversary or pretty much any special occasion coming up, this would look great and probably make everyone jealous.

Finally, with the color, style and design, this is just perfect for anyone in my opinion and so fancy!

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