Thursday, June 18

New Products Found On Amazon

The Anyprize batteries are really simple to use and what I love is I can charge them through my USB Port on my computer. It's very convenient, but does only last for 2 hours on a full charge. However, charges very quickly and is a new and unique idea that I actually like!

One big advantage with these batteries is that I don't have to buy batteries to power a device up to its highest potential. This would really replace the use of a battery charger and actually is so simple to use. I really am impressed they work so well! I tried it in my pencil sharpener first replacing two double A's with these and it worked just as well as the rest! It's a magnificent idea and I can see this becoming a great way to replace batteries and chargers. 

Finally, this is an excellent size, fits a true double A battery pack and works fine!

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

I always wanted a way to protect my computer and this is a simple lock that keeps others from getting access to my computer.

Features I love best about the RUBAN MicroSaver Notebook:

  • Design - Long 6.2foot cord cable with lock on one end and two keys to unlock the computer. I find that the one can be kept in case you lose the other or misplaced it, which happens to me sometimes.
  • Simple - Just plug into the computer, for me the side of my notebook and lock or unlock with keys.
  • Protection - Keep my device protected on the go and in the opening from anyone.

Finally, its a great product, easy to use and understand with out the manual. Does what it needs too and that is what I love best!

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:


This is an excellent tool and really nicely made! Works fine for my needs. I don't have an issue with the size of the drivers, as they fit perfectly. Actually, I feel this can come in handy for myself, when I don't want to look for different size drivers as these are all together. Love the quality and the color is very nice as well!

Also, it's perfect for a pocket, since it's not large. I can travel and repair on the go!

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

I Love this massage tool, it really helps ease my sore muscles and relaxes me. The jade is very smooth and the shape allows for great pressure to be directed towards an area, which makes this a wonderful tool for me! I also love that it uses a real gem of Jade and it's not fake.

Often, I use it on my back and legs after working out and during the evening. It is very helpful and makes me feel so much better!
The color is very beautiful and so is this tool!

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The LEONSENSE is an excellent TENS UNIT with a good amount of stimulation to ease pain I get in my lower back and shoulders. It's very easy to set up and runs on batteries, which I love they include! 

The machine is very small and easy to carry along with me, but I normally use it while I'm sitting. The pieces that stick to the body are very strong and stay put, without becoming painful to take them off. I enjoy the amount of pulses it can provide and how fast the relief is, in my muscles.
You have the choices of speed and what type of pulses you want to be used on your body, which there are three types. I enjoy the massage and use it quite often! It really does help me out and provides me with quick relief, whenever I use it!

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