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Musiclily Huang Brand Boat Harmonica

The Musiclily Boat Harmonica reminds me of an antique item, but the sound is what I really enjoy! it comes out so nicely and makes playing it fun. However, I am just learning to play. Therefore, when you it's easy and comfortable to use the instrument like this harmonica, I feel I can accomplish this goal!

The Reasons I love the Boat Old Color Harmonica:

  • Antique Style - The Harmonica has a nice color, very old fashion look to it. Makes me feel like it's a hand me down from a family member or prized possession.
  • Design - The Boat has this curved, rounded style which is easier to blow on and the sound comes out so nicely! The 10 holes are evenly placed on the one side making it easy enough to blow through for a perfect sound or tone. For me, the shape and style makes it so easy to play!
  • Size - Small, regular size. Perfect enough to put in a pocket or bag while traveling and easy to fit in my hands. Not to heavy and not too light.
  • Extras - Get a cloth and storage case for this C Key Harmonica. Everything fits perfectly and makes it easy to travel!
Front View
Back View
Side View

Finally, this is an excellent sounding Harmonica, and I love the style to it as well!

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