Wednesday, June 17

Marrywindix Multipurpose Black Oxford Fabric Foldable Car Cargo Storage Box

The Multipurpose Black Cargo Storage Bag by Marrywindix is a very nice bag that can works to keep things inside the car organized and freely rolling all over. I can stick all my car cleaning supplies, my laundry products or even use it to hold tools. I don't even need to use it in the car, it makes a great carrier for crafting supplies as well.

The features I love:
  • Size - Very large, perfect to fit a bunch of things and the separate compartments allow you to make separate places for each different item you want organized.
  • Side Mesh Pockets - Your able to see everything in the pockets on the side, which is perfect for those items you use often and emergency tools like flashlights.
  • Design - The rectangular shape is perfect for carrying a lot of items in the cargo storage and the buckles keep it easy to make smaller and store it away when not in use. I love the additional handles, which help you pick the bag up and carry it. 
  • Color - The black actually makes it hard to see it get dirty or ruined in anyway. Sometimes, I go for black in many things when putting heavy products inside, that way it doesn't look destroyed or easy to tell of any dirt like white or a lighter color would. Therefore, the black is a perfect color for this product and if your using it in the car.

Finally, it's very user friendly and handy when you have too many items you need to store and use for the car, inside the home or pretty much anyplace. 

Excellent Cargo Bag/Box!

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