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JEEP Adjustable Wrench Jaw+Screwdriver+Pliers+Knife Multi Tool Set Survival Gear

The JEEP Adjustable Wrench is one of those Multi Tools that could save you time, when everything you need is all on the same tool. This is a handy Pliers, Knife, Wrench, and Screwdriver all in one! 

Features I love about this JEEP Adjustable Wrench Multi Tool:
  • Handle - You have a comfortable handle with a non-slip grip too it. The grooves on the handle of the wrench and the opposite side with the nice black rubber like piece, keep your hand holding on tight. 
  • Design - The tool itself has this nice thick stainless steel style. it's not super small or thin, which would cause it to be pretty weak for big jobs. However, this is well made and has a good weight to it. You really can hold on tight with the wrench, complete jobs with the screwdriver, and cut through rope, wood and so much more with the knife! I also love the additional clip on the side, which allows it to be held on your belt. The entire tool is so compact and fits perfectly in a bag, car, drawl and so many other places. 
  • Easy To Use - Changing from one tool to the next is very easy and seems to have no problems pulling each piece out of the product, when needed. 

Finally, if your interested in a tool that can be used for professional jobs, for in home jobs or just any type of work that requires tools as a Wrench, Knife, Screwdriver and Pliers, than I would highly recommend this product! 

It really will save you time and get you through the job a lot quicker!

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