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JDZ Amulets - Stainless Steel Bracelets Review

Below is a few bracelets from the company known as JDZ Amulets. Each are beautiful pieces and perfect for a Man, but can still be suitable for a woman as well!

This is a very nice Stainless Steel Bracelet! I love how the chain looks and the way it closes, a bit different than many.

The style is simple of a large chained bracelet, but the black in a matte in color, which is very nice. I find it to match many things and just very easy to spot on any arm. The weight isn't super heavy, but just perfect for a stainless steel. I mean it has some weight, but still light enough to allow you to wear all day and move around in comfort.

I really enjoy the entire bracelet, from it's look and style! Also, the little image that is embossed on the closure. 

Very nice!

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This is a beautiful stainless steel bracelet with skulls all the way around it. I have to point out my favorite feature is the framed skull heads, which has the black back, round frame around each skull head. It really makes this interesting to just keep looking at. I also love the chains of skull heads connecting each frame and keeping the bracelet together. It's very stunning and unique!

I guess this is one of those pieces that make you think about the shapes and the details that are seen on the bracelet. It is really magnificent!

Everything from design to the way it fits, is perfect. No flaws on this bracelet and even the lobster claw is decorative. This bracelet is just excellent and such a great gift idea for any one in your life who loves skulls.

Just beautiful!

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These Leopard heads are made with Stainless Steel and are so well detailed! I love the spots as they are done perfectly and the eyes to the ears and nose, just well detailed. 
The black leather that is knotted in between each piece of stainless steel, really makes this POP! I mean it actually makes this look very interesting to look at, the black of the leather just works well with the spots and detailing of the leopard's heads. However, with the polished look from the Stainless Steel chain with the leather and heads of the leopard, plus closure is just so stunning that it looks extremely expensive! 

I love the way  this fits around my wrist, it's not too big and not too small. The feel is very comfortable and isn't sharp or pointy in any way. Actually, the entire bracelet is very smooth.

When I look at this bracelet, it makes me think of these two leopards are trying to keep you protected or safe from harm. It has this like strong, tough feel and look to it. 
It's just gorgeous!

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I have here is the purple because I love purple and even though it's just a small part in this bracelet, I just love how it makes an appearance! The purple that is between the Golden stainless steel and black, makes this a beautiful bracelet!  However, the other colors like black and green, orange and green, and silver with the many other colors are just as gorgeous! 

The detailing is perfect, as well as the shape. It's like having a top and bottom of rounded rectangular plates going across with a square closure. I just love the shape, size and colors as they work perfectly together!

Stainless Steel isn't my typical sterling silver, gold or any other kind of metal, but it is something that will last long. Plus, keep it's lovely polished steel look that shimmers the same way any sterling silver or white Gold would! That is the real reason I love this piece, less chance for damage and totally gorgeous!

For a gift to a friend or for yourself this is just a beautiful piece, well worth the purchase!

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