Saturday, June 6

Givemefive-Women Clothes - TM Fashion Ladies Women Jean Denim Jacket

This is a nice style Jean Denim Jacket! I always loved the style of these and now I finally have one! It's pretty easy to wear it in so many ways and with the traditional pair of jeans.

Features I love about the TM Fashion Ladies Women Jean Denim Jacket:
  • Size and Length - The fit is perfect, without a problem of it being too loose or tight. The length is just the right size and not too long or too short. It's perfect to wear this as a stylish top, verse a cover up. That is why I love it most, just an addition to an outfit to make it look a bit different and stylish in a whole new way.
  • Color - I chose the Dark Blue, as it's still light not too dark, but will go with more of my outfits and styles I love to wear. Plus, I have plenty of dark blue jeans to pair this top with!
  • Design - The details on this coat is very nice, with the buttons and the pockets that are positioned on each side of the coat. However they are just for show, not real pockets or buttons.

Finally, this can be worn in so many ways and looks cute with a simple shirt underneath or even if it's to cover up a dress, it really can work in so many ways!

Love it!

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