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GeekPro Full HD 1080P Sports Helmet Camera Black + Medium Size Carry Bag+ 8G SD Card

The GeekPro Full HD Sports Helmet Camera is a wonderful device to own, cheaper than the expensive brands and so much great quality shot's you'll take, that it will make you forget about name brands. First off, the quality is right on as if your viewing an image occurring right next to you or through a window. It's like perfect HD clear imagery and exact sounding that occurred during the time of the shot. That is what makes this camera my favorite!

Here are some other features I love about the GeekPro HD Sports Camera:
  • Design - The camera is smooth and covered with a non-slip exterior, which keeps it stable and easy to work with, while holding without the housing/case. The product is very light weight and is easy to mount anyplace without being too heavy or too much to hold while recording.  The 140 degree wide angle lens is perfect to capture a full view, landscape shot or portrait. However, the width is what makes the difference for the area it will be able to record while using the camera.
  • Compatible to GoPro Accessories - Have any extra gear made for the GoPro or need more accessories, you can easily use or buy GoPro material and use them with this camera.
  • Quality- From the HD photos taking, the HD recordings and the structure, this is very well built and made to last! The price may be low, but the quality is still just as good as the top brand names!
  • Size - The Size is small and light weight easy to take with you any place. Enough of a size to hold and small enough to be discrete and easy to wear!.
  • Housing/Case- Protects your camera through dirt, water, and anything from coming in contact with it. Very well built with a nice tight structure and closure,to protect it from accidentally opening during an extreme shot/recording. 
  • Extra Gear - You receive the Bag and mount's which can be pricey alone and the 8 GB SD Card is something that makes this even better! When you have everything I mean everything from memory the gear and the camera, you can use it right away. No extra purchases needed, but you can always get a 32GB Micro SD Card to take longer recordings and more shots. Plus, the case keeps it protected from damage, when not in use.

Finally, It's just a perfect camera with clear views, sounds and keeps your movements stable while the action around you is taken like your watching a movie on television. 

Just Perfect!
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