Thursday, June 11

Elder Style Magic Wand by Merlin's Realm

The Elder Style Wand is so very beautifully designed from both sides. The thickness is perfect for my hands to hold with the rounded smooth pieces and sides of the wand. I think of it for fun to dress up on Halloween and have a real wand to use for the part, but really I find I can use this often with Magick Spells and other wonderful things!

This can be really for fun and for real life use. However, to find a real good wood wand is sometimes hard to do. Many are very thin, weak or made cheaply of plastic. However,
this wand by Merlins Realm is really nicely detailed, uses Surina Wood, and is a perfect length. 
Plus, the length is perfectly straight, which I do enjoy for use verse a naturally shaped one that may be shaped differently.


Finally, there are so many out there, but I do enjoy the Merlin Realm's best of all! Plus, they have so many to choose from so it can be a bit tough to decide. However, I'm enjoying the Elder Style Magic Wand from the day I got it!

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