Tuesday, June 16

Conbrov T9 1080p Full Hd Car Dash Camera

I always love a Dash Cam for emergencies in my car and the Conbrov T9 does such a great job recording everything! It has a nice 140 degree lens to capture a great amount of the road, which is excellent. However, my favorite part is that this camera actually will record over the unimportant recordings and saves you from purchasing man memory cards.

Features I love best about the Conbrov T9 Dash Cam:
  • Design - Very nice in a simple black color, no difficult to understand buttons and a  1.5 inch screen for viewing the recordings. The lens is 140 degrees wide angled and has easy to access port for the memory card.
  • There is a small piece on the bottom that connects to the mount by sliding on. Very simple design and easy to understand.
  • Durable - Well made and doesn't break easily. Strong exterior with a nice size lens and great suction cup to mount!
  • Memory - Your able to use a Max of 32GB. (memory card is not included)
  • Screen - 1.5 inches is still pretty good for this small camera. I like how well the images come up clear while viewing them through the back. 
  • Night Vision - Can be used at night as well as day! Very clear images and works great!
  • Simple Setup - Very easy to put together and start using! 

Finally, the only thing you will need is a memory card, but everything is pretty much in the box! It's very easy to use and it works great!
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