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Conbrov HD90 Mini Pocket Digital Video Camcorder

The Conbrov HD90 Mini Pocket Digital Video Camcorder is like a mini security camera that you can wear and keep an eye on everyday situations. I actually find this useful for even just recording nature and many things that go on through out the day, that I may want to capture on the camera. However, this is perfect for a professional and even if your just using it for regular recording, either way the Conbrov is fun to use.

I found it really easy to set up and understand the controls, which is something I prefer than a complicated device. It was easy for me to take it from the box, read the instructions and get right to recording in less than an hour.

Here are the features I love best about the Conbrov HD90 Mini Pocket Camcorder:
  • Design - The product is in such a nice handheld rectangular camcorder shape. It's actually so much easier to hold and view the images being recorded on the back screen. There is a clip that allows you to place on your clothing or bag, pretty much anyplace. The 1.5 inch screen is located on the back side and there is a 120 degree wide angle lens in front.  All the buttons are located on the back, with easy to read symbols. Also, the side has your memory card slot and USB Port.
  • Size - The product is about the size of a pack of playing cards. It's not large at all and very easy to fit in a pocket! Plus, it is very light weight.
  • Battery - The Conbrov can run for about 8 hours without needing to be charged, which is pretty nice! I haven't let it go that far quite yet, but I have gone 4-6 hours and have not had a problem with it recording.
  • Image and Sound - The picture comes out perfectly clear, and the sound is just like being there at that moment when it was being recorded. So there was no odd noises in the background or interruptions while I review the recording.
  • Memory - You can use two 32 GB SD Cards to record in this device, which is a great amount for long recordings and if your using it to be as a secuirty camera that would work best!
  • Included With The Camera - Everything include in the box is the Charger, USB Cable, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a sticker (warning others about them being recorded), the HD90 DVR Cam, user manual and an extra clip, but you will need to supply the memory card.
Finally, this is just an excellent product for HD recordings of pretty much anything! I can use it for security purposes or just for everyday recordings.

Very nicely made product!

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