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China Craft Store - Combs, Mirrors, Hair Sticks and Brushes

The China Craft Store has so many gorgeous combs, brushes, hair sticks, and mirrors that you'll love for your home and could make the perfect gift! Below is just a few of what they have to offer, you can find more in their Amazon store China Craft Store.

Th Green Sandalwood Pocket Mirror is beautiful and so lovely with the smooth wood exterior and easy to fold over design. I love how comfortable it fits in the palm of my hand, no sharp edges or difficulty moving it at an angle to use the mirror.

The Bamboo Carving on the front is gorgeous and adds some detailing to simple folding mirror. In my opinion, the look and decoration makes it one of my favorites and very elegant! I would even gift this to my family or friends because it's something used so often in every home, but it's also very classy and beautiful not like a typical plain mirror.

Very lovely!

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The Breezelike Handmade Hair Stick is lovely with this beautiful heart on top and detailing on the side, with a curved style. It's so easy to place in my hair, and I normally use it in my buns. The heart piece that sticks out from the top is so nice and very easy to tell the shape form a distance.

I don't feel any pain or tugging by the weight of this hair stick, unlike many it's not very that heavy and doesn't cause my hair to fall out of place after using it in a day. I think of it as a great gift idea to give someone you love and who loves hair accessories. I can tell you that I had it in my hair once it arrived! That is how nice this really is, plus the color makes it very elegant and so natural looking.

Finally, it's a gorgeous piece and adds a special touch to any hairstyle!

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I love the size of the Breezelike Comb's handle and the way it's formed! So much curves, perfect for a strong, non-slip grip. I enjoy the natural look of the wide tooth comb as it's made of real Sandalwood. I always hear that wood is good for the hair, as it's able to transport your natural hair's oils and coat the rest of the hair strands down below. Therefore, when I use it, I notice that it does keep my hair looking healthy and untangled. Plus, it doesn't tug or tear any strands out after a shower.

I don't feel any rough or not so smooth edges in between the comb. Instead, every tooth and even the handle itself is smooth and comfortable to use!

Finally, this is an excellent comb and very nicely designed! I love it and use it everyday when I'm home and even when I travel!

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I love the Breezelike Sandalwood Hair Brush because it feels nice when it's massaging my head and easily going through all my hair strands. Plus, I always heard that a wood brush is said to be really good for the hair! Each of the bristles are made of wood and are very well placed on the brush, since none of them has fallen out and are perfectly spaced on the center of the brush. However, what makes this my favorite one to use is that it's not a large brush, which I don't need a huge brush to do my hair with. Instead, it's a slim brush with a mix of a rounded and square brush in one. Another perk is that it's small and slim enough to not take up so much space when I travel. So far I haven't had a problem with it getting stuck in my hair or tearing out any of my hair. The brush just does what it should, keep my hair tangle free and shiny! 

The other reason I enjoy using this Sandalwood Hair Brush is that it's got a nice long handle with a curved angle to hold on too, without it slipping from my hands. Since, the way it's made, allows me to easily put enough pressure on the brush to go through my hair with no struggle.

Finally, it's very elegant and has a nice design to this brush, which makes using it easy and helps me create the perfect hair style.

Extremely Fabulous!

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The Black Buffalo Horn Comb in my opinion is nicely separated and has a rounded handle on top, which for me makes it easy to comb through my hair. I haven't had a problem getting it to go through from top to the bottom as it easily can work it's way through my curls and untangle them The black is nice and simple, while the comb is very strong because it's made of that buffalo horn. It's different, but it does what it needs too and keeps my hair untangled and looking great. 

Also, no static problems with the comb, which is great! Plus, every tooth and handle is smooth not sharp or rough. Therefore, it's an excellent product!

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The No Static Buffalo Horn Fine Tooth Comb is really easy to glide through my hair, and untangle the small knots I may have. I don't find it to be a problem to hold, with the curved shape I can easily apply pressure and move it through every strand.

The black is very elegant and the material, horn is strong so this will last a long time. I really love the product as it's giving me a great way to keep my hair perfectly separated and create some wonderful hairstyles!

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The Dolphin Shape is so cool, mainly a bottle nose Dolphin comes to mind when hearing or seeing the word Dolphin for this comb. It's got two nicely rounded sides and a smooth top handle, while the comb part is fine toothed. Also, on one side the thickness of the rounded area, is alot larger than the one side, giving it a more interesting appearance!

It's an excellent comb, goes through my hair easily and untangles every strand!

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This actually is very nice with the sandalwood top and black horn bottom. I like how it fits in my hands and pocket on the go. I can easily move it through my hair, haven't had a problem with it getting caught or any struggle. However, what I really do enjoy about this comb is that there is this curved part on the side. That part actually gives me a better grip and allows me to get through even some areas that might be hard to comb, due to my curls.

I think for a comb, it's very stylish and what I love is that it will last long with the material it's made from! So elegant and works wonders through my curly hair and straight hair!

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I love the mix with the Rat Tail Comb. It's got that buffalo black horn comb top, with the handle area being sandalwood. It's a nice combination and gives it a little bit more of an interesting look! The thing that is nice about this comb is it's long rat tail handle and the fine comb part, which can help me separate my hair.

The item is very nice and smooth, with use of excellent material. I think for a comb it's really nice and does a great job in my hair. Plus, no static is always a plus!

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This comb is very smooth and the wood is so natural looking, it's just gorgeous! I love how find the comb is and it's angled design makes it easy for me to comb my hair with not losing my grip. The comb itself is smooth and not super thick, but enough to keep it from every breaking. However, the natural Sandalwood on this comb seems to be strong enough to keep it from ever breaking easily. It definitely isn't the same as a plastic comb, that is for sure!  

I really enjoy this once, and love the shape. Excellent and easy to use on my hair.

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