Thursday, June 11, 2015

Baofeng Walkie Talkie UV-5R5 5W Dual-Band Two-Way Radio Transceiver

The BaoFeng Walkie Talkie Dual Band Two Way Radio Transciever is really nice to have for emergencies and other helpful reasons. However, this brand is one of my favorites because you can take them pretty far and still communicate, about 3 miles. Unfortunately, I haven't yet tried that distance, but from being at a store about 1.5 miles and still being able to contact my friend in the house is awesome!

Another reason I find these to be an excellent Walkie Talkie is that it's very easy to use and a professional device, not those toys you had as a child.  I find that even though I'm not a hunter, cop or anything in that job or hobby position, I actually use it for hiking in the woods with my friend and dogs. This way we can keep in contact from a distance, when we aren't near by. So for camping these really work excellent for my group of friends and myself.

The features I love best about the BaoFeng Walkie Talkie:

  • Design and Controls - The buttons are easy to understand and press. You have the keypad on the bottom, the frequency display in green and channel mode, and the microphone is found on the right side. There is a very bright LCD Display, perfect at night and during the day. You get a nice long Antenna and an additional perk with this brand, they added a flashlight on top. The flashlight light is easy to use and right near the on/off volume turn knob. The shape is also very comfortable in my hand and made simple to access each button fast! Plus, the red is very easy to see and nice a color.
  • Battery - 10 hour rechargeable battery, which for me allows more time to use it outdoors or indoors.
  • Size - very nice hand size, comfortable and fits perfectly in a bag or case to travel with.
  • Ear Piece Included - Comfortable and easy to hear the voices through clearly.
Left Side
Right Side

Finally, this really works great and helps me when stay in connection with my friends, while traveling outdoors. It's a life saver and a wonderful product to own no matter what the reason may be!

Very well made, terrific quality and so professional!

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