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As Seen On TV Products - Power Floss and Bit 360 Screwdriver

The Power Floss is the best way to get between teeth, when flossing with floss can't get out! I am a true believer that this is the best gizmo for your mouth, not only does it get rid of more plaque and food caught around the teeth, but it can be used with mouthwash to freshen your mouth as well. It really could replace floss and floss can be the new back up tool when you need it :) All it uses is water or mouthwash and your set to go, no pain and frustration with floss. Perfect for kids because it's so easy to use. The water squirts in the area you direct it too and that pretty much takes care of the food and particles you can't reach easily.

However, I love the design it is long and the handle is thick enough for your hand to grip on. It's long slim neck allows the water to be shot right too the back, you really can reach back there! No more problems with floss, when using this. I sometimes have difficulty getting even even the waxed floss between my teeth, without breaking. However, this design and product, Power Floss really does the job of cleaning all around the teeth and gum line while not causing you to bleed or the pain of floss stuck in between your teeth. 

It's less of a mess and  easy to use! I enjoy a clean and white smile, this is what helps me achieve it! Love the Power Floss, even more than the old water floss I have and highly recommend this product!

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The BIT 360 is a tool that not only makes screw driving screws into wood or anything your using easier, but less of a hassle with changing the heads. Now you can go from Philips to a Flat head in seconds. 

Everything about it is so cool! The bits are right on the handle making it easy to stay exactly where your at and change them, plus keeps them easy to find than storing them and losing a piece. The funny part is I am always losing my bits and this is like the only I'll use since it's so easy to do things when I have it right in my hand. I don't have to waste time searching when it's just a push up the screwdriver's center and twist the barrel of bits. Now I push down once finding my piece and I'm ready to use it! No searching or wasting times!

Features I love:
  • Perfect Handle - long and thick enough to grip, without discomfort!
  • One Tool - No mess of bits all over or many products, it's all in one with the basic heads needed for many jobs.
  • Easy To Use- To change the bits on top just pull the neck up and twist the clear storage where the bits will be and put it back down. Now the piece is ready to be used.
  • For Everyone - Don't have to be a Pro to be able to use this, and it's just as great as a professional screwdriver set, just easier to work with!

Finally, excellent color and design! Just a perfect Screwdriver for me!

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

If your interested to learn more, please follow the link below:

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