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Aoson Tablet PC Allwinner A33 1.0Ghz 10.1 Capacity Touch Screen (Quad Core)M1016

The Aoson Tablet A33 PC is a perfect 10.1 inch, Quad Core Tablet! I am a big fan of the Quad Core, since it's a faster way to process through many different apps, sites and have many things going at once, without it slowing down.

The features I love about the Aoson Tablet A33:
  • Design - This is a very simple tablet to work with. There is only a few buttons to turn the device on and return you back to the main menu/home. You do most of the work of setting up or going to place to place on this tablet by the touch screen. As always, this tablet has a screen framed in black. The white is very nice and easy to see the ports and 
  • buttons to use the device.
  • Cameras - Dual Cameras, one in front and the other is on the back. I love that you can use it in either portrait or landscape position and it's in a different spot, on the corner. However, it is really easy to use and fun to snap photos and share through email.
  • Sensitivity - The screen is very sensitive and can tell that you have touched or want to move something on the screen. It will pick up any movement instantly!
  • Quad Core - Fast operating system that will allow you to open and do multiple things at the same time, with out the extreme slow down you get with a dual core or single core processor. 
  • Android 4.4 - Google Play Store is there for you and all the apps you want to download! This is at the 4.4 version already so it's pretty much up to date and very good for the new apps that you can download and use to play on this PC Tablet.
  • Work or Play - For both, you can enjoy this tablet for entertainment and for work. Take notes, emails, use social media, and many other jobs can be completed with this tablet. Plus, relax and watch videos, stream TV, enjoy reading E-Books, and playing games with this tablet as well!
  • WiFi - Connect to your WiFi and enjoy browsing and checking or sending emails and shutouts on social networks.
  • Tablet 10 inch - Size is wonderful for viewing games, videos and doing works or drawing on the screen of this size. It's so much better than any smaller screen.
  • Sound and Picture/Images - Crystal clear Sound, like CD/movie theater quality. The images and videos you play on this tablet come out extremely good! No blurry or dull color to the photos or games/videos you'll view. The quality is just excellent and top quality, which is my opinion from many I've had tried before.
  • Easy To Use/Operate - Perfect for adults and children, something everyone can use! Not hard to handle and just easy enough to learn fast.
Finally, it's a perfect upgrade, replacement or just your first time tablet because it's got everything you need to enjoy what you have on your PC or Smart Phone on a tablet. 

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