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Aoson G631 Smart Phone - LuckyStar

The Aoson G631 Smart Phone is a wonderful phone that is able to be used like a tablet and phone in one. You can make your normal phone calls, text, and browse the internet. However, this phone since it's a smart phone can also be used to play games from the Game Icon/App Icon known as XUGame, which is already downloaded. However, you can also use it  for productivity and other wonderful things like viewing videos and reading emails or chatting through social networking.

The Specs of this Smart Phone:

Size of Screen 6.29inches
Quad core 
1280 *720 resolution
1GB Ram / 8GB Memory
3G/GSM Calling
2MP camera in front and 8mp Camera in back
2400mAh Battery 

Here are the reasons I enjoy the G631 Smart Phone:

  • Quad Core - Fast processing, you can open up to multiple pages and not have to worry about slow downs or loading problems. I can multi-task like I do on my computer, but on a smart phone (mini computer phone)! The ability to play a game and search the web with multiple tabs open is excellent!
  • Easy To Use - There is no problems with using this Smart Phone, I can access any thing with my finger or a stylus and adjust the screen and settings to my liking. It's the easiest Phone for anyone of any age! Just a perfect family type phone that you can get use to and understand from the day you get it. Compared to my Samsung, I feel it's just similar and at a more convenient price.
  • Design - The cameras are positioned in the portrait style, which I find to be very easy to use verse landscape. You still get a slim design and a white color with a normal small black boarder that frames around the screen. The buttons on the sides are all easy to access, to change the volume and turn on/off the power.
  • Android - I normally always used an Android Smart Phone so it really feels more comfortable to me, but that's just my opinion so loving that it's up to date with the latest Andorid 4.4
  • Sound and Images - The sound is like CD quality, no interruptions or strange vibrations in the background. If your watching a movie, your watching a movie and not having any extra sound effects or interruptions through the speaker in the back and also through the Headphone Port. Now for the screen, you'll see clear and bright images as they should be seen. No funky green or reds that don't belong or any faded areas. The videos, games, and every site you visit comes up with perfect color and easy to see words/numbers on the screen. 
  • WiFi - Picks up a signal from a distance and very helpful when you want to be not indoors or want to go places with your device.
  • Bluetooth - Allows you to connect Bluetooth Headphones, Stereo Systems and so much more! Love that part indeed, but again the phone is excellent without all the extra gadgets you can add to it!
  • Bonus Gear - Headphones and screen protector included with a USB Cord for charging in your computer/ USB Port or to charge with the adapter in a outlet.
Power and Volume Buttons.
Listen to Music
Play games

Finally I really do enjoy using this G631 Smart Phone, and find it to be in my hands daily. I would highly recommend it to any one of any age, for those who do a lot of work online using social networking, emails and those who need a new change form their older phone.

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